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Ready to draw the line in the sand and create a defining moment in your life? What if you could get in the best shape - and feel like a total rockstar - with Malibu's favorite power couple? Now you can. With our unique blend of heart-pumping workouts plus life-changing mindset classes, you will have access to the strength-building, motivational energy of Laura & Scott known and loved by local celebrities, international fitness gurus, runway fashion models and brand icons.

You'll love the fresh content and keep-it-real authenticity. When you're a part of this movement with them, you will immediately see and feel a difference in yourself and your life. There's never been a more perfect time to jump into Laura and Scott's classes. It's time to stop fighting against the struggle and create your next chapter!


My body has dropped several sizes!!!

"I have struggled with weight my whole life and the mindset tips and tricks in LauraandScott.com have been a game changer! I am wearing clothes I haven't been able to wear in years!! I am getting stronger every day! What I love the most is whenever you want to give up, Scott is into the camera reminding you to keep going, you can do this!"

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- Tasha Holtzinger

"(They) make good on their mission to build strong confident people and inspire fitness beyond the walls of a gym. Bonus: Scott and Laura are huge travel buffs, so look out for live streams from all corners of the globe."

- SHAPE magazine

I was a crazy busy stressed out mom of 3, dealing with health issues...

"Laura and Scott literally changed my life in so many ways. It's definitely transformed my body! The biggest change is the fat loss, increase in agility and strength. It lit a spark in me! I started shifting my attitude: less negativity, more positivity. Now I practice happy everyday. I plan to keep doing it forever!"

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- Amy Kandetzke

"There's something magical about Laura and Scott! They are so energetic and bring so much motivation to people -- not only in person but now online."


I have a large collection of workout videos. This is different....

"This program has really helped me dig deeper, let go of the excuses, and lay out better plans. And If I ever need anything they were right there to high five me and make me feel like a badass"

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- Becky Wegner

"Kicked my butt and pushed me to my limit -- in a good way. Scott cheered us on the entire time -- which made the class go fast and kept me from giving up like I normally would if I was exercising by myself."

- Ashley Oerman, WOMEN'S HEALTH magazine

What Do You Get? How Much Is It?

Join now to access the latest 21-Day Reset for a quick "down and dirty" series, to tone up your body while clearing your mind of negativity and frustration. You'll also get a total mind and body makeover with Laura and Scott's fitness bank of over 50 unique workouts, mindset mini crash courses, the 44-Day Mind and Body Slimdown and our NEW "Beginner" worker outer series.

There's something for everyone. Not sure if it's for you? You can go month to month and cancel at any time. Ready to dig in? You can save by buying upfront to 6 months or one year of access to Laura and Scott. It's so flexible. Membership is for your entire family within your household. See you inside!

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Laura and Scott
Laura and Scott

The real deal. Prepare to fall in love with this couple but don't let their charm and sweet looks fool you: This dynamic duo is about to throw down their secret sauce that will pull out the inner grit and strength from the depths of your existence -- and will leave you motivated and inspired in a way you've never experienced before.

What defines Laura and Scott's signature one-two punch? A perfect blend of mental toughness and "I can. I will." attitude adjustments that come directly all outta love from their hearts to yours. Scott's fitness classes are infused on-purpose with positive self talk that will erase negative thinking, electrifying energy that'll charge up the feel-good feels inside you, and intentionally intense movement that will accelerate you toward your fitness goals. Laura's mindset classes are designed to shift your lens into trusting yourself, trusting the process and recognizing how to flip past struggles into strength to propel you into a positive direction. Did we mention? All while shedding fat, looking and feeling better, and becoming happier every day.

Laura and Scott promise to win your hearts and leave you wanting more. They take the love, knowledge, and wisdom of their 25 years of working together personally and professionally in early childhood education, health and fitness, and self development and stick to their brand promise to "give you everything we've got." Their energy is contagious, their unique chemistry is hilarious and you will immediately not only see the difference in yourself -- you will feel it.

"Think you can't get a good sweat in 20 minutes? Trust me, it's a really good workout. Go ahead and stream it for yourself!"


"If you're looking for a breakthrough, Laura and Scott will bring out your "A" game. Their phenomenal combination of mindset tools and challenging, exciting workouts will activate a major shift in your life. Now you all can get to know and love these two powerhouse professionals!"

- Lavinia Errico, Founder of Equinox Fitness and Inside Out Movement

What are you waiting for? If you're looking to experience a dramatic shift in your life, Laura and Scott have got you covered. You and your loved ones deserve the best version of you. It's time. There is no better time to draw the line in the sand and experience the change in yourself -- and your body. Time to pat yourself on the back, make the decision and let's GO! You're in!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have access to the 44 Day Slimdown and 21 Day Reset?
Yes! When you become a member of Laura and Scott, you get access to the programs that have already been released, the ones that are current, and you will get access to the newest content as it drops. We drop new content all year long to keep things "spicy" and leave you wanting more!
How long do I have access to the course?
Once you're in, you're in! You're part of our family. After enrolling, you have unlimited lifetime access to this course for as long as you are enrolled - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course? Or need to freeze my membership?
You can cancel membership at any time. Our philosophy is that if we are not a MAGNETIC match for you and your needs, then so be it. You are not stuck with any contracts or anything like that! You decide which ongoing membership model works best for you (monthly, 6 months, 1 year) and voila! You're in, or you're out! You decide.
Do I need equipment for the workout portions?
You only need your device you're looking at right now, possibly a mat and water bottle for your comfort and hydration, an open mind and a good attitude. If you don't have the last 2 items, prepare to rollup your sleeves and work on that with us! Majority of our workouts are bodyweight in design. For total rockstars that want to push it to the next level, some workouts in will give you the option to include dumbbells.
What fitness level do I need to be? Can I modify? Can my kids do it?
All fitness levels welcome. This is a household membership. The workouts can be modified and self-paced so you push yourself to the limit that works for you. Scott will prompt you with ways to regress or progress the movements to make it a little easier or a little harder. You are encouraged to take breaks as you need to. It means you are working hard. Stay safe and never push past pain. Keep it F'n Simple. Do less better. Emphasis is on quality over quantity, safety and form. Kids can absolutely join in on the fun, just have them follow along with bodyweight only. Get strong and confident as individuals and even stronger as a family unit.
How long do I have access to the course?
This course, like all the best things in life that evolve, is ongoing. We will spew fresh weekly and monthly content your way. We keep it simple, so it is designed to be self paced. People love that there is a unique mix of bundled content that is structured for those who love to move ahead in a checklist, step by step format. Plus, there is a lot of content that you can dive into on your own so you start and finish on your own time. We're teachers at heart -- we've got you covered.